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Will Eating too Many Carbs Make You Fat? - Primal Toad

Found this from "Primal Toad" it's a great article about carbs, sugar, and fats! :) I like what he has to say!
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Will Eating too Many Carbs Make You Fat?

Too much of anything is a bad thing. Too much water will kill you. Water is absolutely essential to life but you can die from drinking too much. Many will say too many calories will make you fat. I say… why count calories? That is a low but is there more too it? There are millions of people in the world that limit their calorie consumption because they believe they will get fat if they eat too much. They end up eating junk that everyone agrees is junk and thus suffers from a long list of problems.
It’s sad.
What if we shifted our focus? Millions are on board with the hypothesis that carbs make you fat. I believe there are several factors that contribute to obesity and I firmly believe carbs is one of them. We can all agree that refined grains are empty calories. They are also carb dense. A carbohydrate is not an essential nutrient. Fat is an essential nutrient! So why would we ever consider eating refined grains? Perhaps because they are cheap, right? Well, eating these foods makes you want to eat more of these foods. They make you sick too. It turns out that these cheap foods are more expensive then healthy foods. It also turns out that eating healthy can be very inexpensive.
If we eliminate all grains, legumes and dairy and focus on veggies, meats and eggs, automatically we significantly reduce our carbohydrate load compared to a standard american diet. We all agree that refined grains do nothing (unless you want to gain a lot of muscle then you may eat white rice) for us but have the potential in doing a lot of harm. Whole grains are possibly worse because of the anti-nutrients and gluten.
If we follow this protocol and eat 1-3 servings of fruit a day we naturally will be consuming less carbs. Even though we may intake more than 50 grams we are still cutting our intake significantly.
You know all sugar is bad, right? And, did you know that all carbs turn into sugar in the body?
Diane Sanfilippo, blogger at Balanced Bites and author of Practical Paleo Nutrition says in her eBook the following…
This seems to be the nutrition debate of the last few decades – low carb versus low fat. The science behind this debate has led to a clear resolution when it comes to what is considered to be the Standard American Diet; eating too many carbohydrates makes us fat. Yes, it’s that simple. The explanation behind this is scientific and biological. When I talk about carbohydrate consumption, it’s in the form of sugar, refined flour from grains (white flour, whole wheat flour, rice flour, etc.), whole grains and legumes. Yes, these are ALL sugar to your body. The carbohydrates break down in your body to SUGAR.
Here is the thing guys…
You love bacon, right? Steak, ground beef and butter too. You love avocado and coconut. You LOVE fatty foods. When you eat more fat you tend to shy away from sweets overtime. This is true for me and for many others that live a primal lifestyle. So why not eat more fatty foods anyways? Forget the vegetable oils. Eat real food folks. Enjoy it. Sugar is evil. Fat is our friend.
I am a huge fan of Diane Sanfilippo and her work. I have yet to attend one of her seminars but I’ll be sure to attend a few in 2012 and maybe one in 2011 yet. As of this writing Diane and Liz from Cave Girl Eats have published the 2nd episode of the Balanced Bites podcast. Check it out! And, be sure to checkout the Practical Paleo Nutrition Guidebook by Diane. It’s an easy read and may save your life. If you click on the link I do earn a commission. But, I only recommend products I can stand behind 100%!"

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