Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Just checked my e-mail this morning and got the Paleo Solution Insider e-mail from Robb Wolf... What better than to get your groove on- on Valentines Day?! Here are paleo foods that will help you do that ;-)

Paleo RD Tip of the Week
By Amy Kubal, MS, RD

Foods to Love When You’re in Love: Paleo Aphrodisiacs

Bacon HeartAphrodisiac – a substance that increases sexual desire

Valentine’s Day is almost here.  And if you aren’t a member of the ‘single and bitter’ crowd (that would be me…), then it’s highly likely you’ve been bitten by the ‘love bug’.  And while from a scientific standpoint there is no real backing for the efficacy of the aphrodisiac; there is something to be said for the ‘placebo effect’.

Just for fun here are some paleo friendly foods that just might help you ‘get your groove on’…
  • Oysters – Discover what’s hiding in that shell...
  • Bananas – No need for me to elaborate…
  • Pomegranates – Brimming with ‘seeds of passion’.
  • Artichokes – Eat your ‘heart’ out!
  • Salmon – Can you say ‘O’(mega)-3 fats
  • Hot Chilies – Spice is NICE!! (Watch the seeds in these ‘hotties’ or this could end badly…)
  • Watermelon – Sweet, juicy and wet – it’s a ‘Triple Play’.
  • Avocados – Soft and creamy.  Kinda dreamy…
  • Asparagus – Do you have a ‘stalk’er?
  • Chocolate - Melt, dip, drizzle – add some ‘sizzle’…
If nothing else I hope you smiled!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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